Game improvement gimmicks you'll want to eBay
By: Ross Starkey

There are a lot of game improvement gimmicks which shouldn't be out there at all. Here are a few of my favourites not on my wish list this year.

The Teecil is a portmanteau of 'tee' and 'pencil' and it does exactly what you'd imagine it does (yes you can use it as both a tee and a pencil). This one is surely a waste of lead when one tee shot renders it tee box flotsam, and who wants to use 18 pencils in a round? When you hand your scorecard in after your round of golf and there are muddy scrawls all over it, you'll know who's been given a Teecil for Christmas.

Is anyone out there "tired of forgetting clubs around the green, tired of getting grips wet, tired of un-clipping and clipping a towel on your bag, tired of leaving your towel on the ground or tired of bending down?" If you answer 'yes' to any of these questions then you really don't need a Putter Buddy because you'll be tired of golf full stop.

When you get to the green you can utilise the 'revolutionary way to putt' with the Sight Line Golf Ball Marker. The marker isn't just a golf ball marker - that would be silly - its a line of sight marker. So instead of picking a line and deciding on the break, now you can look through a tiny piece of metal as well.

If you've never experienced slow play before, take a snack and a drink and watch golfers try to line their balls on the green, in fact take a picnic. If golfers take long enough on the greens already, with the Sight Line they'll be lining up their ball and a metal ball marker on each and every putt. How this won't be annoying, fiddly and time consuming is unknown, lets just play nine shall we?

Finally, if you answered yes to any of the questions posed by the Putter Buddy, then you need Ezee Golf a product that has to be seen to be believed, Its a self-propelled golf club, you don't even have to swing the club! According to its own marketing:

“At impact, when you press the button, it feels exactly the same as if you were hitting the ball with a traditional club”

except without having to swing, align the body, take away the club, make any body movement at all, or even anything! Best of all it retails for just $799, any takers?

So if you've bought any of these items for a loved one, shame on you. If you've received one there's always eBay.